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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lust of the week: Zara lingerie-style pants and tunic

I'm not sure if this Zara outfit errs a bit too far on the pyjama side (in fact, I have a Primark set not dissimilar...) but we've seen a lot of lingerie-esque clothing this season (hellooo slip dresses) so I think it could work! I love that it's so simple and kept with minimal accessories it could look great for evening wear, and it's something a bit unexpected!



  1. Ohh I thought these were PJs when I was browsing the site lol x

  2. I adore this set! Yes, it's a bit controversial as it does look like PJs, but I think it's gorge and can be dressed up perfectly for evening wear :)

    C x |


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