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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Outfit: Premium Basics with Radley

Top: Helmut Lang 
Jeans: Weekday
Bag: c/o Radley
Shoes: Zara 

I love to put on a pair of heels and a dress as much as the next woman, but sometimes my favourite kind of outfits are those easy, casual, comfortable ones. When it comes to these kinds of looks, I find that using quality pieces elevates the outfit and prevents it from looking so casual it's actually a bit scruffy.

I got this Helmut Lang top for an absolute steal in the Coggles sale - it's a small men's for a loose, slightly oversized feel and the cut and quality of the fabric makes it feel so much more special than just a plain old tee. Adding to that premium feel is this Radley cross body bag, which is made from a gorgeous clean leather and is just the right size for an easy day around town.


Sunday, 26 June 2016

Outfit: Silk Cream Dress

Ear Cuff: c/o Felice Dahl
Clutch Bag: c/o Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: c/o Dorothy Perkins

This was going to be a post about this outfit that I wore to my grandpa’s 90th birthday last weekend, held in Oxfordshire with my family members from all over the UK and the world, and how lovely it all was.

But I write this on Friday 24 June, the day I woke up to find that my fellow countrymen and women had decided to leave the European Union. I was – and still am – genuinely shocked, appalled and devastated at this result. Despite the noise made by the Leave campaigners, I believed that the UK was strong and intelligent enough to see through the bullshit, the lies and the fact that throughout this whole campaign we have been completely misinformed.

This isn’t about independence, ‘change for the better’ or standing on our own two feet, this is about racism and intolerance – and I’m concerned about the ripple effects this will have through the rest of the world. The UK isn’t perfect – never has been, never will be – but it’s the multiculturalism, the acceptance and open-mindedness, the freedom to move and fully immerse ourselves in other cultures, the solidarity with our neighbours and our beloved NHS that makes it so great – and these are exactly the things that are in jeopardy.

It’s not just the immigration and what feels like an increasingly racist and bigoted society we find ourselves in that worries me. It’s our economy. At the time of writing, the pound has plummeted to the lowest it’s been since 1985 and the chances of being able to buy a house and secure a mortgage are looking even slimmer than they were before.

And what about those regions of the UK that have been supported by – and have relied upon – EU funding?  It’s a sad reality that there are areas of Britain that are favoured by our government and others that shoved into the background. I’m from Merseyside – a place that time and again has been all but written off, discarded and forgotten about by the government. Thanks to EU funding, once-derelict areas were completely regenerated, Liverpool John Lennon Airport gave people easier access to travel to and from the city – and created thousands of jobs, historic buildings have been restored and Liverpool waterfront is almost unrecognisable from what it was 20 years ago – now attracting culture, innovation and tourism. Without the EU I dread to think what Merseyside would be like today, and how this decision will affect its future – and all of the other regions just like it, like the north east which so vehemently voted to leave. 

I’m heartbroken, like a lot of my generation who will have to live with the mess that we now face. Our futures hang in the balance of the far right – something I never thought I’d live to see or experience. I was proud of being a part of the EU and the freedom it gave us, the solidarity and shared experiences with our European neighbours, but now I don’t even recognise the United Kingdom that I grew up in and was proud to call home, despite its flaws.   


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Outfit: Off-the-shoulder at LCM

Top: Etsy
Culottes: Zara
Shoes: ASOS 

The second of my looks from LCM this season, I opted for a couple of light pieces that would see me through a day of walking around London in the heat while also being comfy and stylish. I'm loving everything off-the-shoulder at the moment and found this incredible little Etsy store that is full of tops, dresses and all the flared sleeves you could ask for - plus, everything is made to order so it's the perfect fit. This top is just £23...go, go, go!


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Outfit: Black Layers at LCM

Top: Boohoo
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Sandqvist
Ear cuff: c/o Felice Dahl 

I've just got back from a few days in London of meetings and London Collections Men. It was a hot, busy few days but I love being back in the capital, discovering new bars, restaurants and the new collections from some of Britain's best menswear brands. 

This is the outfit I wore on the first day of LCM. It was a non-stop day of back-to-back shows, plus a dinner with Superdry, so I needed something that was comfortable and could take me from day to night (we had a not-so-glamorous five minutes in Selfridges' toilets to freshen up before heading to dinner). I stuck with classic black and loose layers for ease and comfort, adding in red flats and this delicate ear cuff from new Scandi jewellery brand Felice Dahl for a bit of colour and detail. 


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Travel: A Week in Montenegro

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I took a much-needed week off and flew over to Montenegro. Having been to Croatia a couple of times and falling in love with the country, we wanted to explore that bit of eastern Europe a bit more - the first place on our list being Motenegro, which is just south of Croatia. We tried to go last summer and let's just say travel was far too complicated for a week's holiday so we didn't, but now easyJet has started flying direct from Manchester and Gatwick, making this year the perfect time to go. 

We rented an apartment in Kotor for the week, sitting right on the edge of the incredibly dramatic fjord-like bay - think bright blue, still water and rugged mountains jutting right out of the land. Kotor itself was beautiful, with an old town that has parts dating back to the 9th century, winding cobbled streets and elegant piazzas full of bars and restaurants. My favourite places to eat? Restoran Galion, which sat almost hovering above the water and served some of the best food I've had in a long time, and Konoba Trpeza, which has a beautiful terrace, great food and a decent Sauvignon Blanc (surprisingly hard to find in Montenegro, unless you pay way above average). 

Sunglasses: c/o Dorothy Perkins
Shirt: c/o Dorothy Perkins
Shorts: ASOS
Shoes: Keds 

When on holiday, one of my favourite pastimes is to lie on a sun lounger and read a stack of books, before heading out for Prosecco and dinner. There's so much to Montenegro though, that it was difficult for that to be the only things we did. As well as exploring Kotor (make sure you climb the fortress if you're ever there, for unbeatable views across the entire bay), we made our way over to Budva for the day, with its own old town and some great seafront restaurants (plus, more Prosecco options than Kotor. I did the research).

One of the great things about Montenegro is the size - it's tiny (two thirds the size of Wales), so it's really easy to see a lot of the country in a short space of time. A couple of the days we headed out to beaches, which mostly sit on their own in little nooks along the coast. We spent days at Plavi Horizonti (a beautiful wild and rugged sandy beach - which is quite rare to find in those parts - but the restaurant is best to be avoided) and Ploce Beach (concrete/pebbly, like a lot of beaches in Montenegro, but sun loungers come free and the restaurant/bar should definitely be sampled). 

All in all, an incredibly relaxing and eye-opening week in Montenegro. It's such a beautiful country and one that is still obviously feeling the aftermath of the civil war in the '90s (we came across a few burnt-out, abandoned buildings that weren't as Instagram-friendly) but is definitely on its way. Tourism was a big focus over there and with Porto Montenegro becoming the It place for rich Europeans and their super yachts, I imagine it will only be a matter of years before it becomes a much more popular destination. Go now while it's still unspoilt. 


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Outfit: Navy off-the-shoulder Dress

Dress: Zara (similar)
Sliders: Atterley (similar)

The off-the-shoulder trend has taken this spring/summer by storm and it's one I'm more than happy to get on board with. Flashbacks of the gypsy top I couldn't get enough of circa 2002 aside, there's something elegant yet effortless about that shoulder exposure - and it's the perfect style for the warmer weather. 

I wore this off-the-shoulder dress from Zara while I was on holiday; I love the rich navy colour and wide sleeves, plus it's got the feature I love to come across in a dress: pockets. Paired with giraffe-print sliders from Atterley (RIP), this is one of those really easy looks that I'll be reaching for all summer. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Outfit: Black Dress over Camel Culottes

Dress: ASOS
Culottes: Zara
Sandals: By Malene Birger

I'm fully integrated back into normal life after our holiday, using most of my spare time checking Secret Escapes to try and plan another getaway before the summer's over...

This was another look I wore while we were away. It would get quite cold in the evenings so layers were my best friend (as usual), and this outfit soon became one of my favourites - mainly for the looseness and comfort but also for the colours and the shape, and the ease of just being able to throw it on after a long day of sunbathing, eating and drinking. Bliss. 


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