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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Alternative travel guides

As you know, in just under 5 weeks I am travelling around parts of the Americas (see The Route) and in preparation for this, I have been reading up on travel guides, online forums and blogs, and have absorbed so much information that it's almost impossible to know what is worth seeing, visiting, and doing.

Although I love my Rough Guides, and won't leave the country without them, I came across something equally (if not maybe even more) valuable, after A girl, A style tweeted about it:'s What not to do in...

These guides give a list of 10 things not to do in major cities across the globe, giving readers valuable information in what to do if you want to avoid tourist traps, queuing for hours for something that probably isn't that great, and wasting money. Instead, it gives alternatives, letting you into secrets that only the locals know about.

So while I am not giving up on my Rough Guides (they have served me very well in the past), I am still going to write down a few tips from these articles in the back pages. I hope my guide books won't be offended.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

What's in YOUR handbag?

When it comes to dressing, the clothes I wear normally take precedence, and I'll leave my hair and makeup pretty simple. I'm trying to expand my repetoire and experiment a bit more with beauty rather than sticking to my usual fail-safe routine. This is why I've signed up to, a place where members spill their beauty secrets, and reveal which products are best.

I doubt I'll be wearing much makeup when I go travelling, but for those days when I feel like a bit of coverage is a must, I want to take a couple of products that will last and won't melt off my face in the heat! This is another reason why I've signed up: to find an amazing couple of products that I can take that have multiple purposes. However, I need 5 friends to sign up before I can join so sign up here if you haven't already and help me on my beauty journey! Or if you have any beauty products that you can recommend for me to take away, leave a comment below.

Thanks guys!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Route

Behold, dear readers, the route for our travels.

Cape Town
Buenos Aires
Sao Paulo
Ilha Grande
Rio de Janeiro
Cuzco/Machu Picchu
Costa Rica

Looks like a lot to squeeze into 4 months now it's written down! If you have visited these places, any tips/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Dream

I am currently compiling a list of clothes to take away with me. This list has been in the making for about 3 months now, and changes as often as the British weather. In an ideal world, I would be dressed head to toe in Halston's a/w11 collection, but unfortunately that is a mere fantasy. Watch this space for the final list...

Halston a/w11. Images from

The Dilemma

I’m going travelling in February. Four months of carefree adventures, going places and doing things that I’ve never done before and might never do again. And while I cannot wait for this amazing trip that will undoubtedly (at risk of sounding like a cliché) change my life, I do have one major worry: the clothes. What on earth will I wear, and how will I cope with such a limited wardrobe for four months? Yes, it may sound extremely shallow and superficial, but to me it might possibly be one of the most important aspects of the trip. I know, I know, surely it’s all about the experience, the people you meet, the different cultures you encounter along the way? Well, yes, but if I look like a complete tramp I will not enjoy this experience.
I do not do ‘casual’, or at least my version of casual is very different to others’. This mostly came to light during my time at University. Whilst I’d rock up to the library or lecture hall in leather trousers, a sheer blouse and heeled Chelsea boots, I’d be surrounded by my peers in oversized hoodies and Jack Wills’ gilets (I still don’t understand this staple student uniform – or the ‘posh chav’ look, if you will). Even after a long day of work, I will not don jogging bottoms, pyjamas or the ever-unattractive ‘onesie’ – my downtime will more likely consist of high-waisted burgundy trousers and a pale pink chiffon blouse.
So you can see my dilemma. I can only take what my backpack, and strength, will allow. And I need these clothes to last me four months. And I still want/need to look chic.
I’m not the only one for whom this is an issue (yes, there are other superficial beings out there). After Googling ‘what to wear to go backpacking’ (this is an important subject matter that requires extensive research), I found that there are many other women out there who wish to remain stylish, even when roughing it.
This blog will be a documentation of my experience. Not only will I share all the wonderful details of my trip, but I will also be documenting what I wear, and when, what works, and what doesn’t. Hopefully this will make for an interesting read, and help any other fashion-conscious women out there who dare to brave the backpacker-wardrobe.

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