After umming and ahhing over whether to get HD brows, last week I took the plunge and went for it. I'd seen people who had them done and thought some looked great but really didn't want to end up with a scouse brow disaster!

My eyebrows weren't too bad before but they were a bit uneven and had some baldy patches in places where I'd hacked away at them when I was younger. I'd spend every day filling them with Benefit's Browzings, and while it was a good kit it was a bit of a pain in the arse to do them every day.

I went in to the salon in Muswell Hill the day before to get a patch test, and with no nasty reactions I embarked on my HD brows journey. The beautician did a great job - first the tint was applied, then a bit of waxing here and trimming there. As I said, they weren't too bad and the shape was pretty much there already but they needed a bit of smartening up.


This is what they were like without using my Benefit kit. As you can see, the shapes are a bit different and there are areas where there isn't much hair.


My eyebrows are now darker and a lot more even (excuse the slightly bloodshot was after a long day!) 

What do you think? Have you got HD brows?