Jumper: Zara
Mug: HAY c/o Amara

There's nothing I love better than a Sunday with absolutely no plans; getting up late, having a lazy breakfast with the Sunday papers and a much-needed pamper session. My current skincare obsession comes from Mio - the 'fit' skincare range designed to firm, moisturise, banish cellulite, and everything in between. Fortunately for my sensitive skin, too, the products are free from all the rubbish and chemicals found in most.

Recently, I've been using the Liquid Yoga to wind down - pop it in a warm bath and it does exactly what it says on the tin; it's instantly calming and relaxing. Before getting in the bath (or shower), I use the Double Buff exfoliator. It goes on dry skin which isn't something I'm used to but boy does it work - even after the first use my skin was so smooth and silky. Finally, The A Cream comes out. Super moisturising, it also firms and strengthens, making this a product I can't live without.

Once that's done, the rest of my lazy Sunday is spent catching up on blogs or magazines with a good cup of tea or coffee. This gorgeously minimalist cup is from HAY (one of my must-visit shops in Copenhagen - click here to read more) via the equally lovely Amara. If you're as obsessed with interiors as I am (seriously, just look at my Pinterest board) you'll spend hours racking up a wishlist from this site - it's perfect for Christmas gifts too.