After two and a half years of living in the Big Smoke, I'm leaving this city I've called home for a move back up North. I love London and I've loved living here but honestly, it's just too darn expensive. 

I turn 25 soon and perhaps I'm having a bit of a quarter life crisis (or I'm thinking practically for the first time in my life) but if I ever want to get myself on the property ladder and out of the circus that is renting, a move up North where prices are actually pretty reasonable is needed. 

Plus, I miss it up there. I'm Merseyside born and bred and I love the character and grit of Northern cities, as well as not being too far from the sea and countryside. 

Next weekend is the big move (I have got a ridiculous amount of stuff so I'm not looking forward to that!) and I have a couple of days to settle before starting my new job so it all feels a bit hectic at the moment. This means blogging may take a bit of a back seat for a while but I'm hoping not for too long - I'll be back down in London for fashion week and hopefully there'll be some exciting events in Liverpool and Manchester I can cover too.