Happy new year! I'm back to blogging properly now after a break over the festive period and boy, it feels good to be back. Without really realising it, I think I was getting a bit sick of my blog towards the end of 2014; I work full time and blogging takes up a good chunk of my spare time so I was getting a bit consumed by it all while not really being able to appreciate what I'm doing and enjoy it. 

I decided I needed some space from the blog over Christmas - not least because I craved time away from a computer screen and wanted to really enjoy time with my family. Towards the end of my break I started to think clearly about my blog and what I want to do with it; I got excited about it again and it helped that when I caught up with old friends, they were genuinely impressed with what I'm doing. I do this blog for me, first and foremost, but knowing that other people enjoy it as well makes all the hard work worth it. 

So with a fresh head (not easy after the amount of prosecco I've drunk over the past few weeks) I'm firing up the blog again for 2015 - and that starts with a fresh new design by pipdig. It's slick and minimal (just how I like it) with bigger images so you can see my face even closer up (pah). 

Post-wise it's mainly going to stay the same, with a focus on outfit posts, but for YouTube fans I have started my own channel. There isn't anything on there yet but I'm hoping the first video will be up this month - if there's anything you want to see me cover let me know. If anything, I need a bit of inspiration because video is new territory for me!