Like most people this January I'm on a bit of a health and fitness kick (trying to be at least!) I don't want to lose weight, I just want to improve my eating habits and tone up a few stubborn body parts (I'm looking at you lower belly). 

Since the beginning of January I've been working out about four times a week and because of that I've invested in a protein shake to make sure my body recovers properly. This is something I never thought I'd do - protein shakes to me were always something men drank to bulk up - but after reading a few fitness blogs and doing some research I realised they can be beneficial for women too. 

I bought the vanilla flavoured shake from PhD Woman's toning range (they also have a weight loss range and energy range) after seeing the brand mentioned on Lydia's blog. I drink a shake after my workouts and I've also been experimenting with how I can use the powder in recipes.

A couple of days ago I posted this picture on my Instagram of some protein pancakes I made for breakfast. So many variations come up if you google this recipe but this one is really easy - just a scoop of protein powder and two eggs (you could also just use egg whites), mix it up and then fry in a pan like normal pancakes. 

The vanilla flavour of the powder makes them taste delicious and you feel like you've had an indulgent breakfast with none of the guilt. I added some raw chocolate coyo (dairy-free yoghurt made from coconut milk) and some golden syrup, but this would be great with berries too. The best bit is they kept me full until lunch so no snacking required!