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Heels: ASOS

Happy New Year! This is the outfit I wore to bring 2014 in; I know the quality of these photos isn't great - they were taken quickly in the flat before heading out (I'm dreaming of rain-free days and good natural light!) 

As far as resolutions go I haven't really got any in particular (let's face it, they never work!) except to generally have a more positive mindset. I always seem to compare myself to others but I know this is completely pointless so my goal for this year is to learn to be happy with my lot whilst still striving for what I want.

Blog-wise I hope Style Trunk will continue to grow. I'll carry on with my outfit posts and there'll also be some more travel posts as I have some exciting trips coming up (hellooo Cape Town in February!), but are there any other posts you would like to see? Let me know in the comments below!