Wearing: Zara Blazer, Uniqlo U T-shirt, Assembly Label Jeans, MM6 Maison Margiela Slides

I don't think you can ever have as dramatic a relationship with a piece of clothing as you can with jeans. The quest for the perfect pair can be frustrating at best, and tear-enducing at worst. Have a very particular style and cut in mind? Pah, the jeans gods will laugh in your face: fool - of course they don't exist. 

If you do find a pair you like - exquisitely cut; the shade just right - the chances of them actually fitting are slim to none. Fit on the bum and they're gaping on the waist...go down a size and you're lucky if you can breathe in long enough to keep that button closed. 

My search for my ideal pair of high-waisted, straight-legged, slightly loose-fitting pair of jeans has been a long and arduous one (I'm talking years). They just weren't a thing...or if they were, they were at eye-watering prices. 

So when I nabbed this Assembly Label pair at a sample sale in Sydney a few months ago, it was like striking gold. Snug on the bum and the waist (with a bit of give that means I don't want to undo my top button post-pasta), just the right ankle-grazing length for my 5'4 frame and a light blue wash that differentiates them enough from the rest of my denim...yup, they're pretty much perfect.