Shirt: c/o F&F via Fashionchick
Culottes: c/o M&S via Fashionchick
Heels: c/o Fashionchick 

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how amazing these shoes are?! They're part of Fashionchick's new LA Luxury shoe collection and they landed on my doorstep a little over a week ago, becoming the best thing that I've opened up in a while. Fashionchick, you sure know how to treat a girl! Despite how they look, they're actually comfy too - I wore them out and didn't get any soreness or blisters. Not one. Bliss.

Because of their bold colour, I decided to pair them with a pretty simple white outfit of a long sleeveless shirt over culottes (the, er, creased look is what I was going for...spending the day in linen culottes didn't do them any justice!) This dressed them down a bit too, and ended up being the perfect outfit for an evening out for drinks.