Top: Zara
Trousers: Zara
Boots: Kurt Geiger

Today is the day I move back to the North - ahh! I've got a couple of days to unpack and get settled before starting my new job and I'm really excited - read my post here about why I'm moving. I've been trying to cram in a load of London-y things the past couple of weeks - and that includes taking advantage of the great shopping (I almost wept with relief when January payday came around). 

This is a bit of weird time of year for shopping because the shops are full of their crappy sale stuff that no one wants, while they only have a few pieces from the new collection. The only shop I don't find this to be true though, is Zara. At first their sale is rubbish - £10 off is not a sale Zara! But the prices gradually go down over the month and I've picked up some right beauties recently, including this top for £5 (you can never have too many stripy tops, right?) and some incredible culottes for £10 which I'll blog about once my ankles can handle the temperature.