A couple of years ago when I was travelling on my ‘gap year’ between graduating and entering the world of work, my boyfriend and I spent a few days in Las Vegas. A welcome break from hostels and shared bathrooms, we booked ourselves into a plush hotel with a bed bigger than most rooms we’d been staying in and fully immersed ourselves into the Vegas way of life. This meant gorging ourselves on the buffets (and I wondered why I came home half a stone heavier...), then waddling our way to our hotel’s poolside before spending our evenings in the many casinos and generally soaking up the city in all its tacky glory.

Having not really frequented casinos in the past (I had visions of them all being a bit grim and depressing) I wasn’t really sure what to expect but we actually ended up finding it really fun (the free drinks that came round helped), and the same can be said for some casinos in the UK.

If you’re anything like me and you’re going to an event, a night out or simply anywhere new, the first thing on your mind will be ‘what do I wear?’ At casinos, most people make a little effort; if you have a look at the online casino* web sites most stipulate a smart casual dress code.

However, if you’re going to an upmarket casino you’re going to want to dress to impress – I’m talking an evening dress or a cocktail dress with a pair of killer heels and accessories. Every woman loves an excuse to dress up to the nines and this is really the time to go all out. Keep it elegant and sophisticated (you don’t want to run the risk of a nip slip at places like the Colony Club in Mayfair), and you’ll fit right in.