I'm popping my Glastonbury cherry this year and am starting to think about what I'm going to wear at the festival (yes I realise it's a month away...but I am only in the thinking stage, not the actual planning stage). I kind of got over the whole 'festival trend' about three years ago; I know loads of people love it and do look great in it but it's not really my personal style so it seems stupid to adopt it just for a few days a year. 

So what does one wear to a festival (and the most historically muddy one at that) without looking like they're 'going to a festival'? That's my mission for the next month - to pick the perfect Glastonbury wardrobe. I'm hoping the weather is going to be uninterrupted warmth and sunshine but being a realist, I need to cater for all types of weather. 

This boilersuit from Topshop caught my eye - it looks like it will hold up well in a festival and is also something that I would actually wear in 'real life' too. I'm thinking paired with sliders for Glasto, and dressed up with a pair of heels back in the city. Yup, this boilersuit is a strong contender.