Dress: & Other Stories
Shoes: New Look

I took my first trip to the much-anticipated & Other Stories store on Regent Street last week and man did it live up to the hype. The store itself is exactly what I love in a shopping experience - minimal, well laid out and spacious - none of that cramming as much as they can on a rail so you can't actually see anything. There's a huge beauty and skincare bit which you could spend eyes pouring over, and the clothes themselves are gorgeous, classic pieces that you know you could wear over and over again. And don't get me started on the shoes and accessories...

I managed to control myself and only bought this dress...I love how there are so many different patterns yet it works, and doesn't look too much. 

P.S Last ditch attempt to be nominated for a Company Style Blogger Award...if you like my style and my blog, please nominate me (my blog's over a year old so I miss the best personal style blog - newcomer award)