You may remember me posting about High Street Fashion Week a few weeks ago, and now, dear readers, the week has finally come! All this week up-and-coming independent designers are at Shoreditch's pop-up mall, Boxpark. With some of the designers selling their wares on the likes of Asos, it won't be long before big things happen for these get your free ticket (which grants you entry on all seven days), and I hope to see some of you there!

Last night I was invited to their press event at The Penthouse in Leicester Square to see a preview of some of the brand's collections and have a chat to some of the designers themselves. I wasn't disappointed...there is definitely a variety of collections on offer, each one being a little bit different. It has made me so excited for when I head to Boxpark on Saturday, although I'm not sure my bank account will appreciate it!

Pretty dresses from Lipstick Boutique

Handmade jewellery from Kizmet

Ankle candy from Frills by AD

Cute swimwear from The Holiday Boutique

A nice little gift from Lillies of the Alley