I love getting things through the post (except bills!) and today my new Asos sunnies came through...

I just think they're so cute and fun, I can't wait to wear these bad boys out.

Another thing that has recently come through the (virtual) letterbox is a job offer! I will be moving down to London next weekend to start my new job as an Editorial Assistant and I can't wait. I graduated last year and decided to take a bit of a gap yah (see the Travels page) before embarking on 'real life', and when I got back in June I never anticipated just how hard it was going to be to get a job. You always hear about how bad the job market is in the UK and how there are record numbers of people in unemployment, but you don't really know what that means until you are one of those numbers.

I've got a good degree from a good university, done my share of unpaid work experience - surely I'd be racking up the interviews and job offers? But no, I was brought down to reality and pretty much spent my summer trawling job sites, only to find...nothing, day after day. But I persevered. Sitting around all day watching Real Housewives may sound like fun but in reality it's boring, and I didn't want to be a statistic any longer (and hey, my wardrobe isn't going to stock itself).

I feel really lucky to have landed myself a job and certainly won't be taking it for granted. For those of you still looking, keep at it and try not to get disheartened (easier said than done). There may not be loads of jobs out there but you'll get one eventually!