Earlier this week, the fashion world was shocked into silence at the news of one of it’s great contributors: Anna Piaggi. On 7th August 2012, the Italian fashion writer and famed style icon died at the age of 81.

A true legend, Piaggi worked for the likes of Vogue and Vanity, and counted Karl Lagerfeld, Stephen Jones, and Manolo Blahnik among some of her closest acquaintances. But work achievements aside, it is her style that firmly puts her in the fashion hall of fame in my eyes. Rocking bright blue hair and never seen without an elaborate hat (that friendship with Stephen Jones must have come in handy), this woman was originality personified. Not one for following fashion trends or being particularly ‘stylish’, Piaggi was eccentric and stood out – not something you see much of these days. Unconcerned with being dubbed
as ‘ridiculous’, she wore whatever she wanted, and most importantly, had fun with fashion.

Fashionites are labelled as serious and stuck up far too often, and although I am an avid lover of all things fashion, I think we all need to take a leaf out of Piaggi’s red Olivetti typewriter and start loosening up. After all, clothes should be a true expression of who we are, not who the designers tell us to be that season.
We all like to think that we are individual, creative and expressive, but I look at Anna Piaggi and I envy her. She was a true individual, and I don’t think I have the guts to be quite as creative and expressive as she was.

But I may just try out some blue eye shadow this week in her honour.

Anna Piaggi, I salute you.