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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Shelf Love

I redecorated my bedroom and a few months ago, and after having new shelves put in, I became a bit obsessed with bookshelves. Yes, bookshelves. I spent hours trawling the net for inspiration, and one site that I have a lot of time for is Bookshelf Porn (as much as for the name as anything else). After a lot of messing around, here is the final product: 

I like the idea of having things other than books on shelves, and showcasing your favourite coffee-table books. What do you think? Do you share my shelf love?


  1. I agree. Mixing up what's on the shelves really keeps things interesting. It's nice to have books on tables too to inspire a bit of reading (or flicking through). Gorgeous photo

    xx Mandi

  2. gorgeous! my bookshelves are a mix of classics and vogue...xx

  3. Looks great!! You've given me the urge to re-organize my book shelf and make it look pretty!


  4. i've got some major self-crushing going on cuz of you right now hahaha
    i love shelves! i can't wait to have my own place and have shelves with random little things everywhere



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