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Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Shoes

Being a girl with a great love for shoes (especially the heeled variety), choosing which shoes to take travelling has been tough. I need practical, vaguely sensible shoes that will not take up too much space, and most importantly, go with multiple outfits. Below is the final cut:

Hollister flip flops, Carvela sandals, Superga pumps, Berghaus walking boots.
  Are four pairs too many to take?! Probably, but I can see no way of wittling them down any more. Flip flops for day-to-day use (not usually a Hollister fan but these are left over from when I worked there as a student and are actually really comfy), jewelled sandals for evenings and generally snazzing up outfits, pumps for pounding the streets and long journeys, and walking boots for the Inca Trail and any other hikes (yes, the tags are still on them...I'm yet to break them in...does walking round the house count?)

So, that's one aspect of my backpacker-wardrobe sorted. Now to tackle the clothes...


  1. I love the brown sandals, they are so cute. I am awarding you The Versatile Blogger award for having one of the most amazing blogs that I enjoy reading everyday. Please Visit to accept your award. Congrats!


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