Top: COS
Trousers: COS
Heels: c/o Kurt Geiger

When it comes to footwear, it's safe to say that my daily go-to pairs are my most comfortable: trainers, flats, shoes that resemble slippers. Over the past few years my heel wearing days have gradually diminished; after having a pair almost permanently attached to my feet at university when more time was spent in one of Newcastle's many bars than the library, then moving to London where I soon realised the tube was not stiletto-friendly, and now having a life and career in Manchester that's too busy to wear anything even remotely inhibiting, my heels have been pushed further and further back into my wardrobe. 

While this is all well and good, I have forgotten how good a great pair of heels feels like. My nights out are more likely to be spent in a local bar where the most elaborate pair of shoes I'll wear is heeled ankle boots, so slipping into some killer heels actually feels incredible. I'd forgotten the leg lengthening effect they have, that instant feeling of wanting to straighten my back, walk tall and move like I mean business. 

These Kurt Geiger heels do all that and more, with that classic shape that goes with every kind of outfit, instantly elevating them. Of course, I can deviate from my norm too much, so I've been wearing them with a couple of black COS staples.