Vase: Menu c/o Amara
Jewellery: c/o Felice Dahl 

Well, December came around far too quickly. The past few months have been a bit crazy so the festive season seems to have crept up on me - as has the time for Christmas gift buying. More and more I tend to do all of my shopping online, mainly because I can't stand the crowds at this time of year and I can easily do all my shopping in just a couple of hours. 

At Christmas, being excessive is fun and all (especially when it comes to champagne consumption) but when it comes to gifts I prefer to receive (and give, of course) a few quality pieces that I'll love than a lot of things that will end up at the bottom of the wardrobe. These are the gifts I'll be focusing on this year; my Christmas gift guide for the minimalist, if you will.  

Heels: Mango

Aesop Facial Cleansing Masque: Mankind

Jumper: Mango 

Teddies: Menu