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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Utilitarian Style with Folk and COS

Sunglasses: Han Kjobenhavn 
Shirt: Folk
Jeans: COS (similar)
Watch: c/o UNKNOWN. 
Shoes: Zara 

In my last post I expressed my love for these COS jeans and I wasn't joking; expect to see them cropping up a lot on my blog! This time I took the utilitarian style to the next level, pairing them with my boyfriend's short sleeved Folk shirt (he said I looked like I was about to go and work in a factory but I like to think that's his endearing code for 'I like your outfit'), slip on Zara shoes and classic UNKNOWN. watch complete with my initials etched in - go to my Instagram to see it in more detail. 


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  1. That's the same my mom says when she sees me in the Utilitarian style. Mom frowning. I've come across your postings searching images of those COS pants to get some ideas before a buy. The first look with a white pullover was clean and contemporary. But this is a classic. The loose fit tailored collar shirts are really a good match. So, I couldn't but leave a comment about your look despite my poor English. I guess you wore one or two sizes up for a loose fit. Or, is it baggy like that?


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