Regular readers of my blog may remember that I went to Cape Town in February this year. We have family there so have been going over since we were kids but this trip was a bit different and a bit more special, as my sister got married over there. 

A huge group flew over from the UK and the whole day was just incredible. It took place at the Twelve Apostles Hotel; a small boutique hotel nestled between the ocean and the mountains; the weather was perfect, and the whole thing felt really relaxed (apart from a bit of hairy moment when I was doing my sister's hair and two hairdryers conked out, then the air conditioning started leaking all over the floor and the hotel room filled with maintenance men whilst we were running around half-naked). 

My cousins and I were bridesmaids - our dresses were from Coast - and my sister's dress is by Louise Selby. We decided to do our own hair and makeup, mainly because we all tend to be quite natural and bridal makeup can sometimes be a bit over-done. I'm glad we did because it definitely suited the laid-back vibe of the day. 

I've put a few pictures of the day below (there are so many more but I won't overload you!); the ones where we look half-decent and aren't throwing dodgy shapes on the dance floor! 

Images by Jan Theron and Adam Best