This week's lust comes from & other stories - one of the best stores on the high street, in my humble opinion. The pieces are original and expensive-looking without the price tag to match, and the Regent Street store is like a serene, minimalist oasis in the middle of central London madness. I love this oversized-shirt-nighty-esque dress - the colour, the shape, everything - and it would be perfect dressed up or down. All for a snip at £45!

In other news, today I fly to Cape Town! I am so excited - I have family over there so have been over quite a bit and it really feels like a second home. My last trip was in 2012 so I'm really craving a bit of the hot African sun, endless beaches, good food and even better wine that the city has to offer. 

This trip is even more exciting than usual though, as my big sister is getting married over there! I'm a bridesmaid and have a gorgeous navy dress (she's been very kind) and will of course be sharing all photos from the wedding and rest of the trip on the blog.

When I'm away I'm going to completely switch off from the internet and blogging and have a real break (for someone permanently attached to their phone this could be quite difficult!) I've scheduled a bunch of posts and tweets to go up but I won't be replying to anything until I get back, so if you tweet or email me I'm not ignoring you, I'm just probably too busy chilling on the beach!