Last weekend I was invited to a lingerie show at the Rose Club near Marble Arch, which was er, a bit different! Brands Kiss Me Deadly, Louise Ferdinand and Sonata Lingerie all showcased, and I was very impressed with the ladies getting up in front of all those people in their pants.

Here are a few pics from the night...

We took full advantage of the free Bellini's!
Ring: Gift
Dress: Paisie

Following the show, we managed to track down the elusive Experimental Cocktail Club in China Town - a bar with no signage but just a black door and a doorman who lets you in if you ask kindly and he likes the look of you. 

Unfortunately this didn't fare well for the following day as I was sliiightly hungover for the bloggers meet up that the lovely Sophie organised. About 25 of us met up for a spot of shopping and lunch at The Diner in Soho, and it was such a nice day - so good to meet bloggers whose blogs I've been following for a while as well as meet new ones, and generally talk clothes and blogging all day!