We moved into a new flat a couple of months ago, and whilst moving can be a bit of a nightmare (especially in London where finding a flat you like, in a location you like, and at a price you like is almost impossible) I do like setting it up, getting new bits and getting my interior-design on.

I really wanted a nice ottoman - something useful that can store things and we can also use to put our feet up on. Searching the shops though, they're pretty expensive so I decided to make one myself.

Here's how I did it...

This children's toy chest from Ikea was £11...it's pretty basic but a good size and had a lid for easy storage

I got some high-density foam cut to size to fit the top of the lid (I did this online but you'll be able to get it from fabric shops as well) and this striped fabric from John Lewis.

Next, I cut enough fabric to completely cover the foam and lid...

...folded the fabric onto the wooden edges of the lid, and nailed it in. I did this all around, folding the sides like I was wrapping a present.

And this is the end result! What do you think?