My love affair with orange lipstick has been a long and rocky one. I first saw models sporting the orange lip last year and thought it looked fab, but that it would look awful on me. I'm not really a fan of a pale lip on me  and normally go for a dark red or purple, plus I just thought orange was a crazy step too far.

However, I couldn't seem to escape images of orange lips and saw it as a sign that I should go out and buy myself some orange lippy. Feeling all positive about my new venture and proud of myself for trying something a bit different, I set off in search of the perfect shade. But boy was it hard.

A few people recommended Revlon lip butter's Tutti Frutti but I just found it too glossy - I prefer a matte finish. Others I found were just too red. Where are all the orange lipsticks people?!

I was feeling very disheartened until I found Orangeade from Models Own on Asos. At only £6 it's the perfect shade and consistency. Matte, but doesn't dry my lips out. I can breathe a sigh of relief.

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