I realise we're a few days into March already (where the hell did February go?!) but here are my best buys from last month:

1. Skirt, Zara - Wearing this skirt with absolutely everything at the moment. I can smarten it up for work and jazz it up for play. Bloody loving it. Outfit post to come soon!

2. Necklace, Spitalfields market - You might recognise this necklace from my last post. I love statement necklaces and thought this one was so unusual. I'm so glad I bought it because I feel so glam wearing it - even if it is with a jumper and jeans

3. Refreshing eye roll on, Botanics - Staring at a computer screen all day is not doing anything for my eyes and the dark circles were really starting to make me look haggered (I'm 23 damnit) so I thought it was time to get me an eye roll on. Garnier does funny things to my skin so I went for the Botanics one instead, and although it may all be in my head, I can definitely see the difference!