1. Boyfriend jeans from River Island - I wasn't sure about boyfriend jeans for ages. I always thought they looked great on other people but I just wouldn't be able to pull them off. BUT I tried this pair on and kind of bought them on a whim. So glad I did though because I've been living in them this month!
  2. Naked 2 by Urban Decay - Beauty bloggers have been raving about this palette and for good reason. The colours are beautiful - I can wear the subtler shades for work and mix it up a bit for the weekend/night time...definitely worth the money!
  3. Botanics Ultra Calm skin serum - After Christmas my skin was so dry and awful. I had a break out of eczema (attractive) which I think was a result of too much boozing over the festive period, and combined with the cold weather, it was in really bad shape. No matter how much I was moisturising, it wasn't making any difference. I'd read good things about serums so bought this one from Boots. It was a lot cheaper than other serums (about £4 I think) and it has seriously worked wonders. After just a few days of using it my skin was a thousand times better and I now use it daily.
  4. MAC lipstick in Russian Red - perfect red lipstick. Enough said.