As anyone who follows me on Pinterest will know, I've become sliiightly obsessed with interior design. I've always taken an interest in it, but this has definitely grown since moving into my flat in London. Only problem is, our place, like a lot in this great city, is tiny (approximately ten steps will get you from one end to the other) so there's not a lot I can do with it.

My new-found love will not be suppressed, however, so I'm taking pleasure in the small things, like this new cushion from H&M (left):

I know, I know, it's only a cushion...hardly something to write home about (in fact I feel a bit daft writing this at all, hence the name of this post!). But I just love it, and think it goes perfectly with this pink Cath Kidston cushion (which brings out my inner five year old) and the dark grey of our Ikea sofa.