We're at that time again when the entire world seems to stop and wait with baited breath for the announcement of the US presidential elections. It's quite scary really, how the outcome of a vote in one country can affect the rest of the globe.

By no means am I an expert on American politics (or British politics...or any politics for that matter) but in my opinion Obama has done a great job and I really hope that he gets voted in again. I get the impression that a lot of our cousins across the pond blame Obama for not being the miracle worker that they all thought he was going to be. Guysss, he's human, and he has had to spend a lot of his time cleaning up all the mess that George Bush created. We've made one step forward; let's not take two back.

So today, I'm urging my sisters in the States to do the right thing. Even if it is just for this fab little video.