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Monday, 8 October 2012

Missing in Action

Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Trainers: River Island
Leather jacket: Topshop

I've been neglecting the blog recently and I've really been missing it...just shows how attached I've become! You may have read this in an earlier post but I've recently moved down to London to join the real world and get a proper grown up job. It's a bit of a big move and every spare hour is taken up trying to find a flat (which is proving to be a niiightmare - property in London is expensive and goes really quickly!) 

But I did manage to sneak a spare half an hour to do these pictures and get a bit of a blogging fix. Loving the military trend at the moment although not sure if I'll go for the full on camo!



  1. Lovely outfit! Love the shirt x

  2. Love the outfit, the shirt is fab..It makes me want one of them!
    Hope you're enjoying the busy life of London.x

  3. Lovely outfit and I'm so loving those trainers xx

  4. love the shirt! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  5. Love the outfit hun and you pull of the hidden heels so well xx

  6. Angharad!! Just found your blog via WIWT you stylish lady! I have one too :O Hope you're having some luck finding a flat, am so jel of your glam new London life. Helen xxx

  7. I love the trainers and you nailed the military look. It looks so chic! :)

    How abt following each other? Let me know if You would like to and i would love to follow you back.

    ~ Seepz

  8. I love the top, and the sneakers are so in! <3

    xo Sarah, at The Indie Fox

  9. I love this outfit, it's perfect for fall, but it still has that chic look to it! I've just followed!


  10. That shirt is so pretty, you look lush! X


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