Following our stint in Las Vegas, we drove to Yosemite, a national park in California. We arrived after the longest drive (9 hours with a few stops) on what seemed like the world's most boring roads, with a few hicks-ville type towns along the way.

The park itself is huge; it took an hour and a half just to get from the entrance to the campsite - but this time the scenery was worth it. We stayed in Curry Village, a campsite made up of 'tent cabins' (basically tents on stilts) that you pay through the nose for. After a quick wander around the village and settling in, we bedded down for the night, only to hear what sounded very much like a bear circling our tent. Knowing that this is highly likely in Yosemite, and having bat flashbacks from Costa Rica, this wasn't a comforting thought. The paw prints we found behind our tent the next day confirmed our suspicions, but luckily the bear didn't fancy a meal of human flesh that night.

We spent the whole of the next day walking the various trails and hikes that Yosemite has to offer. The park is breathtakingly beautiful - full of giant trees, cliffs, waterfalls, and deer grazing in the meadow. If it weren't for the hoardes of tourists (I realise this includes us), it wouls be a truly peaceful place, but it still doesn't take away from the magic and beauty of it all.

Pictures to come!