Following a 16-hour bus journey, we made it to Puerto Iguazu.After duping our bags in the dorm we shared with a smelly German and a moody Brit with a headlight, we headed out for our first day at the cataratas. The place was teeming with tourists, but that didn´t distract from the amazingness of it all. The waterfalls, some of the biggest in the world, were unlike anything I´ve seen before, and the spray they gave off was a welcome relief from the heat.

Top: Hollister, shorts: Levis cut-offs, belt: Topshop

We had two days at the falls, but really one would have been enough unless you want to pay the extortionate prices for boat trips etc, or go to the Brazilian side of the falls (which we were told wasn´t nearly as good). So the second day we went over to the island in the middle of the falls to see some of them up close, which was awesome. Wildlife enthusiasts would love this place - all sorts of animals are all over, from birds, lizards and super-sized ants, to monkeys and coaties (cheeky little buggers).

Having now exhausted the falls, we spent the last day at Puerto Iguazu beside the hostel pool, soaking up the sun and getting bitten to shreds before embarking on a 17-hour bus journey to Sao Paulo.